Dating Advice For Sufferers Of Agoraphobia

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"Why bother?", you might say, "I have Agoraphobia and there is nothing I can do about dating". Well, don't give up on yourself. Remember, you are what you think. Once you think you will never achieve something, then your actions endorse that thinking and true to your thinking, you won't achieve it. So if you think you will never date successfully because of agoraphobia, then the key lies in challenging that thinking and start practicing dating.

Also why not attend support groups in your area for people with agoraphobia or anxiety. Listen to those in the support group who have successfully dated and learn how they are able to date successfully. Also when you are participating in such support groups, stay clear from those who are negatively minded. Also, support groups can be excellent places for meeting men or women whom you might like.

Also remember, practice makes perfect. As you continue to try dating, your dating skills improve and you increase your chances of landing a successful date. Of course, you are going to have many occasions where you may be rejected. But such is life. Rejection is a fact of life. So if you are rejected, just accept it and move on and try another date. Don't start thinking that you are being rejected because you are agoraphobic.

After you read the above, you may be saying to yourself, "How can I start dating when I cannot even bear the thought of leaving my own home". Let me emphasise this point again- agoraphobia is nothing more than another form of warped thinking. In order to overcome it or control it, you must correct your mind about what you can and cannot do; where you can and cannot be. So you need a premeditated program for acting in defiance to your warped thoughts. This will include exposing yourself repeatedly, on an increasing scale to situations or places that trigger your agoraphobic symptoms. To implement this program successfully, don't aim big on the first attempt- start with baby steps. For example start by leaving you home to go for a short walk that lasts a couple of minutes. With each subsequent attempt, increase the time you are out of home and the length of distance you cover. Each time you are out, try to greet, talk or even smile to people you meet. As you continue to do this, your mind will learn and begin to accept that places outside home are secure and can even be refreshing.
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Dating Advice For Sufferers Of Agoraphobia

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