Dating After a Divorce For Men - Attract Women With Your Touch

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Dating after a divorce can be challenging at first. But the only way you will ever attract women again is by getting yourself back into the game and playing the field again so to speak. Don't worry though, dating after a divorce isn't as difficult as you may think. This article will show you how you can easily attract women and start dating after a divorce.

Have you ever touched a women and she totally freaked out on you? Or maybe you had a woman that could complain because you didn't show her affection. It sounds crazy, but we've all been there and it's scarred us in some way.

Women do like to be touched and kissed, but not abruptly or without warning. They enjoy being touched, but only after a gradual warm up. Keep in mind that when you start dating again the girl you're with will begin get a feel for you simply by how or if you touch her.

Far too many of us men try to go from having a good time and a fun conversation to jumping in bed with her. Sometimes you'll scare a women away who actually likes you and wants to kiss you simply because you didn't do a little gradual warm up. I know dating is a lot different than marriage, but remember what happened when you tried to just mount your wife without warning? Even when you were married you had to make love deposits. Well, it's no different in the dating game too.

Here's a simple way to warm her up and make her want you. Make her laugh. Then, as she's laughing gently brush the back of your hand on her forearm. If she responds positively to your jokes and the brush of your hand, then next time touch her shoulder while you two share a laugh.

The next step will be to gently grab her hand and compliment her nails or rings. If she is wearing a ring, ask her if there is a story behind it. Allow her to tell the story while you are holding her hand still, she will rarely pull away.

After that, get a bit more daring. The next time you share a laugh, lightly touch her kneecap instead of her shoulder, and then quickly pull your hand away. Most of the time she'll do the same to you. Never go for the inner thigh though, she has to earn it.

Now, think about it, after all this warming up, what do you think her reaction will be when you lean in for a kiss later on? The odds are in your favor at this point. Don't be surprised if she even invites you into her home for a little nightcap.

Dating after a divorce doesn't have to suck. Your marriage may have sucked, but that doesn't mean your date life has to.

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Dating After a Divorce For Men - Attract Women With Your Touch

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This article was published on 2010/07/09
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