Get Him to Reveal His True Feelings - How to Do It

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Is there any way for a woman to get a man to reveal his true feelings? How many times have you been cut off when attempting to get your guy to talk? Why are men so different from women when it comes to having heart to heart discussions? This is not a new problem; men have always hated being pushed to talk. The real issue is that women love to talk about everything and there seldom is a happy medium. Would you like to know how to get him to reveal his true feelings? Read on.

Don't force him into talking. If you pose the question once and he becomes irritated or withdrawn, don't push. Asking once to show your concern is fine; but, if he looks uncomfortable, then leave it alone. He will open up later when he is ready. Be patient and let him talk on his terms - he will put it all on the table if you let him be in control of when to initiate the discussion.

One point to keep in mind, don't antagonize him by refusing to let the issue go. It is a major turn-off for a guy if you cannot move on, and getting him to reveal his true feelings will be that much more difficult. In a way, you are threatening him and he will become defensive. Learn how to let the problem drop until a later time.

Finally, assure him that you are there for him whenever he is ready. When the time does come that he will want to talk, be sincere and open to the opportunity. If he senses that your concern is about him, he will open up to you eventually and you have become the wonderful girlfriend that he cannot do without. Rest assured that he will be encouraged to have deep conversations with you more often and you will get him to reveal his true feelings on a regular basis.

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Get Him to Reveal His True Feelings - How to Do It

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This article was published on 2010/03/26
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