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Dating Internationals - A DATE WITH LENA

We took a cab to Lena's karaoke club, she was managing and we would hang out when she had time. Her English was less then perfect, but it was better then my Russian. The conversation was a little awkward, but we soon found that we could communicate well enough to enjoy being with each other. She held my hand tight, and I knew that for a Ukrainian girl this was really a sign of affection.

When we arrived, Lena paid for the cab before I could get my money out. I was thrilled – this was the first time I had seen a Ukrainian girl reach into her wallet, and I had been in country for nine days. Lena led me inside by the hand, past the bar and into the restaurant.

I sat down at a table and ordered some dinner. Two tables away there sat two of the most gorgeous and well dressed women I had ever seen. They faced me and we were the only people in the restaurant. I tried not to stare at them, but they sat rather expressionless looking straight at me, so I buried my head in the menu and ordered myself some sushi.

Finally an awkward looking man sat down with them and spoke to one of the girls in an English accent.

"I can't get enough money out of the bank to pay for the translation." he said. "I'm really embarrassed."

"It's ok." said the gorgeous translator. "You can make up for it tomorrow."

"It's just a banking issue." he said. "Imagine if you came to London and your bank card didn't work. I hope this hasn't put a damper on this evening."

He had obviously not learned the first lesson about Ukrainian dating – you've got to carry lots of cash. Ukrainian girls don't pay and nobody takes credit cards.

I finished my dinner as the restaurant slowly filled. The gorgeous karaoke host came up and gave me an English language song book. Soon I had a microphone in front of me.

"What will you sing?" She asked.

"Neil Diamond." was my answer. "Sweet Caroline."

I had sung this song in karoke bars all over America, and it was always a huge hit with everyone singing along. In Kiev – not so much.

The room began to fill and the microphone passed around the room. The songs were mostly Russian with the occasional Elvis or Frank Sinatra song mixed in. Lena sat down next to me.

"I'm so busy." she said. "Do you want to go to a nightclub? I feel bad that you are sitting here by yourself."

"I came to Kiev to see you." I said. "If you have any time for me at all."

"Chto horosho!" she said, taking my had with a huge smile. "Come meet all my friends."

She led me into the bar and began to introduce me to everyone. The bar was mostly filled with beautiful girls, who giggled and smiled when I spoke to them in my broken Russian.

Lena disappeared into the back. I was now on my own. Time to smile a lot and practice my Russian.

"Jack Daniels and coca cola." I said to the barman.

Bachelor Kiev – Dating Behind the Iron Curtain – is an ongoing investigation of the Dating culture of the world's sexiest city – Kiev, Ukraine. It will include live travel tips as I discover more and more about this fascinating and alluring city.

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International Dating ,Dating Internationals, International women

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This article was published on 2010/10/26
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