Signs He is Taking You For Granted

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If his contact has decreased, he isn't calling or texting as often, he may very well be taking you for granted. If he used to be in touch everyday and now he may even skip a day or more there is your sign. It's like he knows you will always be there and so now he doesn't have to work as hard.

If you get the feeling he doesn't care what you do. You break plans and it doesn't phase him and he makes no effort to reschedule. You dress up and put in extra effort to look really hot and he doesn't bat an eye. If it seems your guy doesn't care what you are doing, you are probably justified in saying "He is taking me for granted."

Your guy starts spending more time away from you, even it it's home alone or out with his buddies, he is taking you for granted. He knows you aren't going anywhere so he can have a good time and come home and know you will be right there waiting for him.

He stops doing little things for you. He doesn't ever call you out of the blue to tell you he is thinking of you. He doesn't take you to lunch or surprise you anymore. Maybe he used to text you good night every night and now he doesn't. Sure sign he is taking you for granted.

The bottom line is our guts tell us when we are being taken for granted. We feel a distance, that something isn't right and is changing. It's confusing and we are at a loss often on how to fix this. Often we try to "talk" about it, nag, or complain. This doesn't work. It causes us to feel insecure in the relationship and the balance is off, leaving him with the power to determine the direction of the relationship. It you are feeling this way, it's a very good chance he is taking you for granted.

I am a firm believer you can turn this around. A man can only take you for granted if you allow him to do so for the most part. If you are trying even harder to regain his interests, more than likely you are only making it worse. The more you do, the more he will probably take you for granted.

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Signs He is Taking You For Granted

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This article was published on 2010/12/04
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