The Hurdles of Life

in Dating

There are many hurdles of life to overcome and none more so than in the realms of love. Every day we are posed new problems by certain individuals or even other new individuals we have not yet learnt from. Each day we need to overcome these hurdles and it is how well we cope with these hurdles that decide what kind of person we really are.

There are many different types of hurdles in love that we have to overcome. Some are easy than others to overcome and some end up with consequences once we have overcome them. Whether it be learning to trust someone but then having that trust thrown back in your face. Or maybe it is a case of not being able to move on from an ex-girlfriend and you end up comparing every current girlfriend to your ex.

All hurdles you overcome can be different and each hurdle will leave its own unique scar on you. Having trust thrown back in your face by a cheating partner will ensure you never fully trust someone again. Even if your future partners swear to you they will remain faithful and loyal to you there will always be doubts. Always a niggling doubt in the back of your mind that determines whether you are able to believe them or not.

You may have heard these sorts of answers before and you are not able to drop the past. Whichever way you go with it you cannot be bitter forever and you sometimes have to take a plunge into the unknown. You will learn a lot about yourself by doing this. And it shows the strength you have as a person, as opposed to hiding in your shell going along contently but never fully being happy in life.

Maybe you cheated on your ex-girlfriend yourself and that has left scars on you. You can never find anyone to measure up to the love that you shared and find yourself drifting between one night stands. This may satisfy your immediate needs for companionship and attention but your long term needs will never be met with one night stands.

You need to take a plunge in life to get anywhere and hurdle those fences confidently and competently. If you are truly to be happy you need to take a plunge into the unknown and work hard at any relationship you have in the future.

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The Hurdles of Life

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This article was published on 2011/04/21
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