What You Must Not Do To Win Ex Girlfriend Back

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Have you tried winning your ex girlfriend back but to no avail? You feel that youve done everything but she still is ignoring you. Perhaps you are guilty of the incredible what not to do, so boyfriends, beware. These are things that would turn your girlfriend off completely and would never give you a chance to win her back.

Youve swallowed your pride, gone down on your knees, bought her favorite stuff and yet she is ignoring you in fact, she seems to be downright avoiding you now? Whats up? What did you do wrong?

Everything. Youre actions merely confirm that she made the right choice dumping you. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Dont expect it to make perfect sense to you. Just know for a fact that what youre doing is ruining the chances of you reuniting and getting her back.

So if you still want to get your girl back? Heres a list of things you should never attempt to do because your efforts will just backfire.

#1: DO NOT talk to your exs best girl pal and expect her to help you out as the bridge.

This will make you appear weak and unable to stand up for yourself.

Why ask help from anyone when you can simply approach your ex and talk? Girls dont like spineless guys and nothing is more spineless than going through a bridge.

#2: DO NOT shower her with presents.

It is not Christmas and not her birthday so there is absolutely no reason for you to do so. Again, this will make you look pathetic because it will show that you are not confident enough about yourself and that you need material things to cover up your flaws.

Girls like guys who are comfortable with themselves and confident about themselves and not flashy just for show. So just be yourself, thats the most sexiest thing that you can do.

#3: DO NOT be a doormat.

Sure, you can be nice to your ex gal considering the many things that you went through together but being overly nice to that point that all you every say is yes, hun and of course, baby wont do you any good. It wont get her back to you and perhaps it would even ruin your chances of at least being just in the friend zone.

Do not totally strip yourself or pride and self-esteem for the sake of love especially if doing so wont win your love back.

#4: DO NOT show her that you are a much better guy without her.

This is the opposite of the first three do nots wherein guys totally rid themselves of pride. This other end of the spectrum is just as detrimental to your plans of getting her back because it would reaffirm her notion that you are a heartless, chauvinist jerk (yeah she may not have told you that but she most certainly thought of it). Have pride without being proud.

To sum up, you need to have a plan from what you are going to say to get her out on a date with you again to what you are going to do to let her know that you are sincerely want to start all over again with her because you love her so much and you cant live without her. It is always easy to say than to do something, especially when you need to making up with someone.
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What You Must Not Do To Win Ex Girlfriend Back

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This article was published on 2010/10/24
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